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Create CSP Partner Center credentials  &

Register Total One App in your Azure AD

Connect Total One Platform with CSP Partner Center

Step 1

For your convenience we prepared detailed

SignUp Instructions


Fill out basic company information and contact details on Total One Signup page

1.1 To start the Signup process, go to Total One Signup page:

1.2 Fill out information about your company and click Next.

Sign up guide_company details.png

1.3 Fill out Primary Contact details.

Primary Contact is the first one to get all notifications, updates and changes related to the Platform.

Optionally, add information about a Secondary Contact, and click Submit.

Sign up guide_primary contact.png

1.4 After submitting all required data, you, if indicated as a Primary Contact, will receive a verification email. Confirm your email address by clicking on the button Verify email.

Sign up guide_verification email.png

1.5 When email address has been successfully verified, you will receive a second email with a unique (one-time) Signup link for connecting Total One Platform to Microsoft CSP Partner Center tenant (see Step 3).


Do NOT activate the link before you finish Step 2!


1.6 Unique Signup link received?

Close the Signup page.

Step 1 is completed!

If you do not receive a Verification email or your unique Signup link within 10 minutes, contact us

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Step 2

STEP 2: 

Create User Account and Web App Secret in Microsoft CSP Partner Center

In this Step, you create a Service Account and a Web App Secret (Password) to prepare for connecting Total One Platform with your CSP Partner Center tenant.

Service Account is a Partner Center Global Admin Account exclusively used for communication between Total One Platform and CSP Partner Center.

2.1 To create a new user account, go to Office 365 /Admin Center / Active Users


2.2 Enter user account name

Typically, user account is named:

Replace "yourdomain" with your real Azure AD tenant domain.

2.3 Assign Global Admin permissions to the user account

Your new account must be a Global Admin in Office 365.

Sign up guide_office 365_create T1 user_

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. Let your users get to know you.

2.4 Set a strong password! 

Strong password has 12-16 characters, capital letters, lowercase letters, digits and special characters.

See password restrictions of Microsoft with max. 16 characters and no spaces:

2.5 Set Password policy to "Password does not expire".

Store the password in a safe place, for example, in a dedicated Password Manager, such as Keepass: You will use the password only occasionally.

It is mandatory that the account is MFA-enforced (Multi-Factor Authorization).

Most probably your organization already has an AzureAD Policy in place. The policy enforces MFA setting on your Administrators. 

Check your Access Policy here: 

(see the screenshot below)


If this policy is not enabled, you can configure enforced MFA in Office 365 Portal: 

(see the screenshot below)


For MFA, we usually recommend Microsoft Authenticator App installed on your Mobile device.

Here are the links to Apple App Store and Google Play Store:


You can also enrol with SMS and email notifications only.

App Store icon.png
Google Play icon.png
Sing up guide_conditional access policie
Sign up guide_multifactor authentication

2.6 To assign permissions to your new account in Partner Center, open browser and log into Microsoft Partner Center using an existing account with Global Admin permissions:

Sign up guide_PC_user management.png

2.7 Find your newly created user account and assign the permissions as shown in the screenshot below.

Manages your organization's account as - Global Admin

Assists your customers as  - Admin Agent

Manages your organization's incentives for one or more locations - Entire Organization and Incentive Administrator

Sign up guide_PC_T1_user settings.png

2.8 Make a cross-check in Office365 or Azure AD Portal if your new account is a member of the  Security Group Admin Agent.

If your new account is not a member of the Admin Agent Security Group, add it to the Group.

2.9 To get your Web App ID and Web App Secret,

go to Microsoft Partner Center and click on the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the  Partner Center navigation. Select Partner Settings.

Sign up guide_PC_partner settings_2.png

2.10 In Web App Management, copy App ID and paste it to Notepad.

Sign up guide_app management.png

2.11 In Web App Management, create a new Web App Secret with a validity of 2 years.

Sign up guide_app secret_2.png

Copy the Secret and paste it to Notepad.

In most cases, this copy/paste action adds unnecessary spaces at the end of the Secret. Remove them!


Also copy the Secret's expiration date and save it together with the rest of the information.

Sign up guide_secret_notepad.png

We recommend to store the combination of Web App ID and Secret in a Password Vault of your choice.

The Secret is used to access Partner Center and is also your Decryption Key in Total One Platform.


In the Total One Platform, this information is stored at rest end-to-end encrypted. Additionally, credentials are stored in an Azure Key Vault.

The information is only accessible by the application. No person has access to it!

DO NOT LOSE the Web App Secret! Remember where you saved it!

Azure Key Vault has no backdoors or master keys.

2.12  IMPORTANT! Activate MFA and log in with your new user account.

Open an Incognito Browser Session and log into Partner Center with your new user account

Sign up guide_log in.png

2.13 You will be requested to enrol into MFA.

Follow the on-screen instructions.

For further help use this link:

Sign up guide_log in_MFA.png

If you experience any difficulties, please turn to your local IT department for support.

2.14 After a successful login, you see the standard Microsoft Partner Center screen.


To cross-check that all permissions are correctly configured, go to Users and check if the account has the following permissions:

Global Admin

Admin Agent

Incentives Admin

2.15 Go through a few pages: check if you see your Customers, Billing data, etc. 

If everything is set correctly, you should see the same information as with your regular account.


Looks good? Excellent! 



To finalize Step 2,

Register and authorize Total One App in your Azure AD 


It is necessary for using Microsoft Graph API so that you can manage Users, Groups, Devices, etc.

2.16 Go to Azure Portal:

and log in as Global Administrator in Azure AD.

2.17 Go to App Registrations.

Sign up guide_microsoft azure_app regist

2.18 Click on the New Registration button.

Sign up guide_new app registaration.png

2.19 Fill in the information as shown in the screenshot below and

click on the button Register at the bottom of the page.

Sign up guide_register app.png

2.20 Copy and save in Notepad Web App Client ID of the registered application.

You will need it in Step 3 together with the Web App and Web App Secret from CSP Partner Center.

Sign up guide_app client id.png

2.21 Go to Certificates & Secrets and create a new Secret by clicking on the New Client Secret.

Sign up guide_create new client secret.p

2.22 Fill in the information as shown in the screenshot below and press Add.

Sign up guide_add client secret.png

2.23 Copy and save in Notepad the Value of the Client Secret - Total One Web App Secret.

It will also be required in the following Step 3.

Sign up guide_client secret value.png

2.24 Go to API Permissions tab. Click Add a Permission.

Sign up guide_API permissions.png

2.25 Choose Microsoft Graph.

Sign up guide_API permissions_MS Graph.p

2.26 In Application Permissions, add the following permissions:

  • Directory.ReadWrite.All

  • Group.ReadWrite.All

  • RoleManagement.ReadWrite.Directory

  • User.ReadWrite.All

Sign up guide_Application

2.27 In Delegated Permissions, add the following permissions:

  • User.Read

2.28 As a result, your API Permissions list should look as in the screenshot below.

Make sure that entries in the Type column coincide with the ones in the screenshot.

Sign up guide_add permissions.png

2.29  Grant Admin Consent by clicking on the corresponding button.

Sign up guide_grant admin consent.png

2.30  Finally,  add Total One App as a member of the AdminAgents Group.

Go to Azure Active Directory.

Sign up guide_Azure Active Directory .pn

2.31  Go to Groups.

Sign up guide_Groups.png

2.32  Select AdminAgents Group.

Sign up guide_AdminAgents group.png

2.33 Select Members.

Sign up guide_AdminAgents members.png

2.34 Click Add Members and select Total One App that you have added in Step 2.19 

Sign up guide_add T1 as AdminAgents memb

Step 2 is completed!

Nothing can stop you now!

You are ready to connect your CSP Partner Center and Azure AD tenant to Total One Platform.

Step 3

STEP 3: 

Authorize Total One Platform to interact with your Azure AD and Microsoft Partner Center tenant

3.1 After completing Step 1, you have received the email with the unique Signup link

This is a ONE-time link (valid for 48h)! 

Use it only when you have completed Step 1 and Step 2


Open an Incognito Browser Session. Copy the Signup link to the Incognito Browser Session.

Using an Incognito Browser session is extremely important for the first authorization!

Browsers use cached identities. It means that your regular (cashed) username could be automatically sent to the Signup portal. To avoid this, use an Incognito Browser page.

Have Web App IDs, Web App Secrets and Native App ID from Step 2 ready. 

If you experience any issues with the unique Signup link, contact us

We will send you a new link via email.

3.2 Accept the Platform's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy by checking the box and clicking on Accept.

Sign up guide_terms of use

3.3 Insert Web App Client ID and Total One Web App Secret as shown below and click Next.

Sign up guide_T1 web app client id and w

3.4 Insert your CSP Partner Center Web App ID, Web App Secret and Native App ID as shown below and click Next.

Sign up guide_web app secret.png

3.5 Log in with your newly created user account by entering Username and Password from Step 2.

3.6 To grant Total One App access to your CSP Partner Center tenant, click Accept.


Sign up guide_accept partner center.png

Step 3 is completed!

3.7 You did it!


Now give us some time to synchronize your customers and to make sure everything is up and running.


Shortly you will receive a Confirmation email and can start using your Total One tenant.

You are going to LoveIT !

See you on Total One Platform!

Have any questions left? Feel free to contact us

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