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Company Story


At Homerun, we believe that only a proper combination of skills and experience, fitted to project goals and business needs, can yield the best results 

We have started with IT Consulting and Software Development a decade ago. Before joining the company, each of us had come a long way in his area: Software Development, Architecture, Management, etc. 

In 2017, we put our passion for business IT into own product - Total One. Total One is an online SaaS platform for Managed Service Providers and their customers, which delivers fully automated services, such as billing, license, price and user management, marketplace, end-customer self-service and more. 

For more details on Total One platform please visit

We have united around the idea of making business IT as enjoyable and easy as a consumer IT. 

A lot of effort was put so that the user can enjoy a smart and clean solution without facing technical complexity behind it.  

Along the way, we learnt the whole process of project software development inside out. We were planning, designing, coding, hiring, managing, failing but rising.

And we never stop learning.

Now we can offer much more than individual experts!


Within one company you find people who know for sure

  • how to plan, steer and successfully complete project work of various character and complexity on time

  • where to search for and how to grow the best talents

  • how to find a perfect match between a talent and a customer project.

And we are glad to bring this knowledge to our clients!

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