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Privacy Policy

All data seen in or processed through the TotalOne Platform is stored and transmitted with state-of-the-art encryption mechanisms.

Homerun neither has access to or stores data of Data Individuals nor does it provide access to data of Data Individuals to its employees or 3rd parties.

User and company data is only available to the relevant Client himself/herself and/or to the relevant Partner, as the case may be, who has received the consent of the relevant Client and/or Partner, as the case may be.

Homerun and TotalOne Platform store merely information relevant to billing and ordering or cancellation processes. Furthermore, for operational reasons and for continuous product improvement, we store anonymized data of logins, errors delays and browsing behavior.

Transactions related to Users, Groups, Devices or Operations are only visible to the logged-in User of the Client and data is not stored in the TotalOne Platform or Homerun Servers.

Login credentials are not accessible and hence cannot be stored by Homerun.

All data processing is done through Microsoft Work accounts.

Therefore, we refer to the privacy policy of Microsoft:

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