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Infrastructure and Cloud Consulting

Infrastructure & Cloud

Our highly skilled specialists make an independent analysis of the current IT state and assist you in developing an individual IT strategy.

It will help you to clearly set budget requirements for IT development, assess the outcomes of implementing a solution and properly set priorities for an IT project. 


  • Technical assessment of IT infrastructure in compliance with main recommendations and industry standards

  • Review and optimisation of IT infrastructure management process 

  • High-level architecture of IT infrastructure

  • Solution design to optimise IT infrastructure

  • Process automation

  • Management coaching, etc.

Homerun’s Cloud consultants design, implement and assist with managing Cloud systems in order to increase efficiency, flexibility and safety of your business. For achieving better results, Cloud services are often combined with the Infrastructure Consulting.


  • Transition from an on-premise infrastructure to a loud and/or hybrid environment

  • Assessment of business needs as well as risks and costs associated with a transition process.

  • Suggesting alternatives of implementation

  • Selecting appropriate Cloud technologies

  • Creating a solid framework of security services

  • Optimisation of existing Cloud systems, etc.

Modern Workplace Consulting

Modern Workplace

Many companies think that Modern Workplace is the roll-out of Windows 10 and Office 365, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Modern Workplace means seamless integration of internal and external resources in a way that they can flawlessly work from anywhere for anyone at any time.



  • Merging online, PSTN and mobile communication

  • Enablement of employees to self-service

  • Enablement of customers to access projects, products and resources

  • Enablement of equal quality and variety of services not only at the headquarter of
    the company but in all business locations, independently of their size and remoteness 

One Company – One vision – One IT


  • Dynamic budget planning and allocation of IT services to projects, resources and

  • Integration into suppliers’ and customers’ production and project chains

This is a long and complex process which requires not only technical but also organisational changes.

For instance, applications and services should be available at the moment when your users request them, and when the manager has given approval, and not when a technician has time to fulfil the requirement.

That is why these services are often combined with Infrastructure and Cloud Consulting.

Providing end-to-end Custom Software Development, Homerun has all necessary experts on board to efficiently align your existing business applications with the Modern Workplace requirements. 

Software Development

Custom Software Development

With its Total One solution, Homerun belongs to the Independent Software Vendors (ISV) with Standard Software in the Microsoft ecosystem. We are proud to have customers in the main regions of the world, in more than 20 countries. 

Using all these experience and expertise, we also support other companies with Custom Software Development. 

Homerun has a full range of top specialists to deliver an end-to-end software solution from the top level to the smallest detail:

  • Enterprise Architects

  • Solution Architects

  • System Engineers

  • BAs (Business Analysts)

  • Seasoned Principal and Senior Developers: Full-stack, Frontend, Backend, Mobile

  • Database and BI (Business Intelligence) experts

  • UX (User Experience) specialists

  • Designers

  • Security experts for Identity Management and Pentesting

  • QA Engineers

  • Support Engineers

  • Scrum Masters

  • DevOps experts - for optimising your application operations

  • Product Owners/Project Managers

They provide consulting services as well.

All specialists obtain exceptional technical expertise: min 10 years of experience, work at large international IT projects, business thinking, fluent English. 

Selecting the best specialists across Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and South America, we preserve deep knowledge of local business and culture, enhance the top technical skills, and can make cost-effective offerings.

Our experts are accustomed to working in a modern-workplace environment and are flexible with business travelling. They can support you on-site as well as remotely. We put a lot of effort in constant coordination and teamwork improvement between different units and specialists, cultures and mindsets.

Depending on project specifications, we usually build teams of 3 to 20 people. Flat organisational structure, well-adjusted interaction between different team members, proficiency in English language allows you to enjoy a complete transparency on project status at any moment of time


Thanks to our vast experience in product development, we know:

  • how to plan, steer and successfully complete projects of various character and complexity

  • where to search for and how to grow the best talents

  • how to find a perfect match between a talent and a customer project. 

We respect budget and time frames. 

We build transparent, trust-based business relationships to deliver top quality services to our customers.

Project Rescue

Project Rescue

Having a bad feeling? Frustrated? Project reality doesn’t match your vision?

Don’t rush to declare your money and efforts wasted!

Multiple in-house and outsourced IT projects get off track due to: 

  • Technical incompetence

  • Failed project and product management

  • Excellent Front End without Back End functionality

  • Waterfall under the guise of Agile software development

  • Insufficient project planning

  • Flaws in core Solution Architecture

  • Failure to integrate newly developed solution into the company’s IT

  • Budget overrun at early project stages

  • Conflict of interests between various stakeholders and more.


We have seen and successfully solved it dozens of times.

At Homerun, we obtain top resources and experience to get your IT project out of the stalemate.


We use:

  • Management Coaching

  • Strategy and Roadmap Design

  • Enterprise Architecture

  • Solution Architecture

  • Specialised Software Development

  • Quality Assurance

  • Maintenance and Support

  •  Agile Project Management (Scrum Masters, Product Owners)

We thoroughly analyse and document identified issues and bottlenecks.

In close coordination with you, we develop an action plan, select tools, approve recourses and as soon as possible start implementing the solution – Everything to make your vision come to reality!


Total One Platform

Total One is an SaaS platform which helps Managed Service Providers, such as Microsoft Partners:

  • streamline operations, sales and billing processes

  • enable their customers with self-service in operations and purchasing of licenses, products and services.

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