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Our Expert Team

At Homerun, we are convinced that modern IT Consulting and Software Development go beyond body leasing.


That’s why we thoroughly select IT specialists from all around Europe and UAE.

Creative, dedicated, reliable our experts bring a lot to the table:

  • top professional level (10+ years of experience, the latest technologies)

  • top experience (industries, companies, projects)

  • top soft skills (problem solving, business thinking, commitment).


Our main strength is that we offer a comprehensive approach to enterprise IT development: from developing a Strategy at the Management level to post-development Support Services.


Today Homerun unites:

  • Enterprise Architects

  • Solution Architects

  • System Engineers

  • BAs (Business Analysts)

  • Seasoned Principal and Senior Developers: Full-stack,
    Backend, Frontend, Mobile

  • Database and BI (Business Intelligence) experts

  • UX (User Experience) experts

  • Designers

  • QA Engineers

  • Security experts for Identity Management and Pentesting

  • Support Engineer

  • Scrum Masters

  • Product Owners/Project Managers

  • DevOps experts for optimising your application operations.


We also maintain a pool of freelancers, that we constantly work with, in case if you need any rarer skills or narrow-targeted solutions.


We usually build teams of 3 to 20 experts and make them available wherever you need – online or on site. They can be integrated into your existing team or come as an independent unit for creating a turn-key business IT solution.


Today our geography covers Zug (Switzerland), Dubai (UAE), London (UK), Dublin (Ireland), Brussels (Belgium), Munich (Germany) and Barcelona (Spain).
The company headquarter is located in Zug, Switzerland.
For operations in the Gulf region, we have a dedicated office in Dubai Internet City (UAE).

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