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Microsoft Whisperers

We love Microsoft!

With all its perfect imperfections!

We have created our own online platform, TotalOne, specifically for Microsoft CSP Partners.

But, as with any other technology, Microsoft solutions should be thoughtfully selected and professionally integrated into your business.

Our consultants help you to find an optimum IT strategy, for instance, in terms of the environment.
They explain when it is better to move to the Cloud, when to stay on-premise, and when to choose a hybrid approach.
They also advise you on the right product choice, thus demonstrating which investments are critical and what costs can be avoided. 

Depending on the project's needs, our architects offer the most favorable combination of Microsoft products with other vendors’ solutions for the best price-performance ratio. They can integrate these technologies into the already-existing infrastructure or create a completely new one. 

Our developers implement an elegant and stable solution that meets the requirements of your business now and in the future.

They’ll do it in time, without overcomplication and overheads.


Here are just a few Microsoft technologies we mastered:

  • .Net Core

  • MS Graph

  • Entra ID

  • Open AI

  • Copilot

  • Active Directory

  • Azure

  • Office 365

  • Exchange

  • SharePoint

  • Skype for Business

  • MS Teams


  • PowerShell automation

  • License optimisation

  • Compute optimization

For more information, please go to Microsoft Core Technologies 

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