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Dedicated expert team at arm’s length 

We are particularly proud of our specialists, who bring qualifications and experience from the best universities of Europe and the world’s leading industries: automotive, energetics, financial sector, manufacturing, services, etc.

All of them have been working in IT for many years:

  • in Consulting - minimum 15 years;

  • in Software Development - minimum 10 years.

They have the experience of integrating technical solutions in a business context.

Our experts support you on-site as well as remotely. We put much effort into constant coordination and teamwork improvement between different units and specialists.

We build teams of 3 to 20 people. They can be integrated into your existing team or come as an independent unit capable of creating a complex business IT solution from scratch.

Teams are tailored to your specific project goal and can include:

  • Enterprise Architects

  • Solution Architects

  • System Engineers

  • Database and BI (Business Intelligence) experts

  • BAs (Business Analysts)

  • UX (User Experience) specialists

  • Designers

  • Seasoned Principal and Senior Developers: Full-stack, Frontend, Backend, Mobile

  • Security experts for Identity Management and Pentesting

  • QA Engineers

  • Support Engineers

  • Scrum Masters

  • Product Owners/Project Managers

  • DevOps experts for optimising your application operation

In case if more specific solutions or rarer skills are required, we maintain a pool of freelancers, that we constantly cooperate with.  So we always find the best fit for your project.

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